The guy who beats you on gears of war and is amazing at practilcy everything including funeral planning unfortunalty he gets beaten by Lucy at running up stairs
Harry: oh man i just got owned by Harry on gears of war
Harry:My funeral is gonna be amazing i got it planned by Harry
Harry:Did you know Harry lost to Lucy running up stairs?
by goharry July 10, 2008
Harry's are lying cheating scumbags who think it's okay too mess around poor innocent girls who haven't done anything wrong. They fuck anything with a vagina and tits usually fat lipped models
Harry's are cheating bastards
by Bitchgyall1269 July 21, 2014
Some desperate boy who asks everyone out and doesn't understand when you reject him, he stalks you until you avoid him everyday and feels sorry for himself because he's never had a girlfriend. He then ruins your friendship for ever. a person that doesnt understand what happening even tho hes getting obvious hints and when people try and politely reject him he panicks and says he loves you but how would he know?!?!
Girl: Hi
Harry:i love you
Girl: Urm.. i don't like you in that way
Harry: What do you mean :(?
Girl: O_O *Blocks*
by DrCake September 07, 2010
Best looking men on planet earth! Usually have dark hair and brown eyes. Funny and muscly and courageous. If you know a Harry you couldn't be luckier because they make your life brighter.
Marty:"did you see Harry bet Ben in the 100m sprint? His time was 13.56 seconds"
by X_hollister_x October 03, 2015
Great guy, such a flirt, can be a bit stupid sometimes but school-wise is totally smart. He suits girls whose name's begin with E, G and O.
Harry is so amazing... He should so go out with Emma/Georgia/Olivia!
by weluvshortshortsXxx May 25, 2013
It means gay white boy who like his dick rubbed over his mouth.
You're one neat Harry
by Xx_MLG_GET_REKT_xX June 02, 2015
a fat dick hole that loves dick holes and mexicans.
He also loves men when they are covered is brown runny crap.
hay look its that horry kid harry
by your mums gay January 07, 2013

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