Gay. Extremely Gay. Flaming Homosexual.
"Hey did you hear about that Harry guy?"
"Yeah, he likes dick."
by TORTlLLA December 21, 2014
Harry's are lying cheating scumbags who think it's okay too mess around poor innocent girls who haven't done anything wrong. They fuck anything with a vagina and tits usually fat lipped models
Harry's are cheating bastards
by Bitchgyall1269 July 21, 2014
a fat dick hole that loves dick holes and mexicans.
He also loves men when they are covered is brown runny crap.
hay look its that horry kid harry
by your mums gay January 07, 2013
A meaning for someone who is a complete mong
Ooooo oooo im such a harry, im such a retard in my plane
by 10000000 March 04, 2011
someone wo uses heroin
all my mates are harry heads
by hyonh8 September 16, 2007
Someone who is lanky and spotty, who has poor personal hygiene, someone who never brushes their teeth and who molests cats, someone that has no education, no ambitions and does nothing with their life except sit on a chair all day and get stoned usin his mothers money, someone who has no dick game.
Harry is fingering the cat again.
by DRYTOES November 08, 2012
A person who tries their best at something that nobody else cares about, usually sport.
Person 1: See that guy in PE trying his hardest while everyone else was just standing around?
Person 2: Yeah, that guy is the biggest harry out.
by Lordilson May 10, 2011

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