punk rockin, leather strap wearin, mosh pittin extremists
i feel so hard core with steel-toes on.
by Leya Fish January 19, 2003
Rebekah Cecillia Zale.
Seeing as she's the most hard core person on the planet, Rebekah Cecillia Zale, flexed her big gunz and startled little children everywhere.
by best marching leader ever! October 14, 2004
Hard-Core isn`t something you can learn by reading a book or seating in a classroom, is no something you can teach your friends or parents you don`t know what it is.

Hard-Core is a way of life...

Hard-Core is our way of life...
NYHC-Boston hardore-Straight Edge, etc
by Leo March 03, 2005
A thug, Gangsta, or Bad ass who is tough, unbreakable, and unbeatable who has mostly everyone's respect and fear on the streets.
Damn, Dat thug juss popped dat whole crew. Dat nigga is hardcore.
by Clayton February 07, 2003
damn loser teanagers who try to act cool, but just end up looking like retards..
that damn group of people trying to be all hard-core are just a bunch of losers who will never get layed except for some damn hastings hoe!
by coca October 31, 2003
This word must always be said in capital as it emphasizes how hard the word ROCKS!
HARDCORE is saying pretty much your comment on how extreme something is. HARDCORE is the limit, it is the core of cool things! It is the mother of things! It is being surrounded by wanna be HARDCORE things! Such as deoderant! Deoderant isn't as HARDCORE as cones. No way.

Cones are in the core of coolness. You can't get better than cones, think of a planet. A planet like Earth only this planet represents the coolest of the cool! In the middle is the HARDCORE things whilst wannabees are wrapped around it desperately begging for acceptance. Like I said, for instance: deoderant. Deoderants cool but not as HARDCORE as cones. It's in the core, it is hot, you cannot get as hot as a HARDCORE cone! I'm repeating myself here but who cares?! Repeating is HARDCORE!
Me: "Dude that cone is-"
Mosha Trix: "HARDCORE!"
Mosha Trix: "HELL YEAH!"
Me: "Interrupting is-"
Mosha Trix: "HARDCORE!"

Me: "ALLY!"
by Darksouls December 26, 2003
Hardcore used to refer to a more intense version of punk, but has since branched off into a new genre. Vocals are usually screechy, lyrics usually histrionic (exaggerated and often inappropriate displays of emotional reactions, approaching theatricality) and whiny, music often switches between very quiet and very loud in a single song. Many hardcore kids are also self righteous and humourless about being straight edge, to the point of condemning those who choose a different lifestyle. They wear black primarily, and sometimes a scarf/bandanna in the back pocket. They are often pierced or tattoed as an alternative to ingesting intoxicants.
Hardcore bands: My Chemical Romance, Alexisonfire, Girls Against Boys, Q And Not U, The Used, Refused, Thursday, Thrice
Oh em gee, that band is so hardcore! Let's throw down!
by Mary A-C September 20, 2005
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