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Someone who can be very angry, bitter and mean very fast. Tends to quickly judge. Will "like" anything that is in, just to fit in ;bandwagon, follower.Snaps or becomes aggressive at people who try to help them.
So Sunami....
by water is fun June 25, 2011
A cataclysmic event of epic proportions where the earth and waters move in tandem causing death and destruction. Derived from Tsunami, but not exactly a tsunami, but rather a general, almost poetic word for gigantic, natural catastrophes involving land and seas.
When Lord Shiva opened his divine third eye, he unleashed a thousand sunamis that wrought havoc on all life all over planet terra.
by Sunami September 01, 2006
An intense heat wave, i.e. a period of unbearably hot and sunny weather. A portmanteau formed by the words "sun" and "tsunami."
The sudden sunami that struck was hot enough to cook eggs outside without any means of man-made heat and to make Al Gore want to jump in front of a bus.
by Terminus_Est September 17, 2008
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