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Emotive hardcore is what emo really stands for. It is a genre of music that most people do not know about. It is the TRUE emo. There are NO mainstream emo bands. Some examples of emo (emotive hardcore) bands are:
-Rites of Spring
-Moss Icon
-I Hate Myself
-I Would Set Myself on Fire for You

Emo and Screamo are two genres that most people don't know anything about.
Visit: therealemo.tk or youdontknowemo.tk for more

Btw, to find out about REAL screamo, search for "Skramz"
Guy 1: Did you see I Would Set Myself on Fire For You last night?
Guy 2: Zomgz yes! They are a perfect example of emotive hardcore!
by xxpainfulreliefxx April 06, 2008
The new legit, fo sho, fo shizz, and foshizzle, all in one convenient package. Said with an emphasis on the "JEU" part, as in "phla-JEU!"
d00dzomgz that's so phlajeu!
by xxpainfulreliefxx June 22, 2008
The transitive propery, a property invented and claimed by Matt Habib, is a non-universal property which states that any characteristic that one person or thing has is transfered to a related person or thing.


Yay for the transitive property!
by xxpainfulreliefxx July 10, 2008
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