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6 definitions by OnoSendai

A genre of electronic music that stems from old skool breakbeat hardcore. Typically has a stomping 4x4 kick drum, crazy synth lines, a breakbeat (sometimes), and pitched up vocals.

Happy hardcore is known as a fairly un-pretentious, D.I.Y. genre, with a dedicated group of listeners and DJ's.

It gets the party started right.
"Hey man, what do you say we grab some Pabst Blue Ribbon and hit up the illegal warehouse rave...i hear there is gonna be some bangin' happy hardcore!"
by OnoSendai May 11, 2003
An albino with down syndrome.
"Damn son, that land beluga is harshing my mellow."
by OnoSendai November 05, 2006
A genius ad campaign created by the clever folks over at Boost Mobile designed to sell more phones to the African American demographic.

To be chirped is to be called via the phones walkie talkie which emits a street savvy *CHIRP*
"y0 dawg, I straight chirped you an hour ago"
"sorry holmez, I was too busy purchasing some orange juice to mix with my Old E"
by OnoSendai February 01, 2006
1. SEGASS (Ha! Get it?....) revolutionized online gaming on a console (Oh wait! It didn't really exist before SEGASS...did it?) with the wonderful RPG title Phantasy Star Online...which has now been ported (with revisions) to the Gamecube and X-box.
"Hey dude, can we play PSO on your SEGASS?"
"Why did you call it a SEGASS, fag?"
by OnoSendai May 12, 2003
HP, or HP's...short for HOT PROSPECTS. Imminently bangable girls.
Did you see the way that HP was getting down to C+C Music Factory? I might get her a Zima.
by OnoSendai May 20, 2006
Acronym for "Intelligent Dance Music", a quirky form a electronic "music" enjoyed by hipster wanks who grew up in the rave scene but decided to go indie like all the emo whores were doing.
"Did you pick up that limited 10 inch white label by Oyster Love Biscuit on Fizzy Robot Folk records??!!!111"
by OnoSendai October 06, 2003