Hardcore techno is a form of contemporary popular music with an aggressive edge, created using personal computers.
In 2004 - It's HARDCORE!

Happy hardcore has some really upliftin tunes
by Tongued June 09, 2005
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One who gets their hair cut from a Cuban man named Tony. His signature style is known as the "tony cut", usually involving some sort of ice tips.
dude #1: "yo man I wanna be hardcore"
Chronee: "yeah man, me too, thats why I'm gonna go to Tony's"
by Chronee October 14, 2006
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Working all day and smoking all night for several days in succession.
Oh dear. Hard core all week = barnsley syndrome
by oracle March 12, 2004
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(adjective and noun) In reference to a political or cultural movement, an organization, an association, or a category of criminal. crime, deviance or dissidence: the essential and dedicated members or actions who will not be dissuaded by threats or punishment and who will go all the way in pursuit of their aims; those who hang tough; winter soldier. Sometimes spelled as two words. Often the kind of thing is understood, for example "hardcore" instead of "hardcore porn".
"Hardcore pornography."

"Al-Qaeda's hard core will not be dissuaded by the bombing of the communities in which they are based."

"Sacco was a hardcore anarchist; he never wavered in his professed beliefs, even when they put him in jail and condemned him to death."

"After the cops visited the commune the day-trippers left and only the hardcore people remained."
by anarcissie May 21, 2008
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KICKASS HARDCORE BANDS: Knights of the Abyss, Suicide Silence, Fire Suits You Well, Job For A Cowboy, As Blood Runs Black, In This Moment, Tony Danz Tapdance Extravaganza, Despised Icon, The Irish Front, Winds of Plague, Elysia, Midgets With Machetes, The ToyMaker, and many many fucking more!!!!
Fire Suits You Well is fuckin HARDCORE!!!!
by the ToyMaker March 05, 2008
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Aight guys
This is how to be hardcore

Girls,wear your hair more to one side than the other,and dye it some other color in a random place

Guys just have it in your face. It doesnt matter how you do it

Get a myspace/facebook and say hardcore stuff on it like:
"Im not trying to please you,go away"

Wear glasses even if you dont need them.

Be random. Random=hardcore

BE DIFFERENT. Even though you dress and act like every other typical teenager,you ARE different because you like rainbows.

Girls,be bi.
Guys,be bi curious.

Get odd piercings and tattoos. (or say you're going to,that's also hardcore)

Put periods at the end of everything you say.

Get a bf/gf and after two weeks say you're in love them

Starve yourself when you're depressed. (Okay you can have that granola bar real quick,just dont let anyone see it)

"Accidentally on purpose" roll up your sweatshirt sleeves to reveal the cut on your arm,then roll it down real fast,but make sure people see it!

Flip your hair out of your face even when it's not in your face.

Blog that you're so misunderstood and you want to run away.

Wear skinny jeans. Colored ones are a plus

Girls,when you're taking a picture,you need to hold the camera up and hold one side of your head
Guys take pictures where your hair's sweepish and you're smiling (do not show your teeth!)

Wear Vans and Converse.


be afraid for our generation. BE VERY AFRAID.
I wear VANS and like rainbows. Me=hardcore
by Is Hardcore. June 12, 2010
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a dedicated fan of a band or artist who owns everything the artist has put out, and talks about said artist for hours at a time and knows everything there is to know about the artist, and attends concerts by the artist when they can when the artist comes to their hometown or closer to it
I am a hardcore Eve 6 fan. I have all three of their albums, two t-shirts, and the soundtrack to Out Cold, which they appear on.
by Karen Stickney October 12, 2006
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