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That after-the-fact unpleasant feeling while recovering from a cross-fade.
Man 1: Ah, bro, you look like shit.
Man 2: Yeah, I'm on that next level hangdown right now.
Man 1: I told you not to take those shots after you smoked all that weed and popped those pills.
Man 2: *passes out*
by Terribly Sorry To Interrupt March 02, 2012
Where the snot cums from
Lick the snot from the tip of my hangdown!
by Long Ron September 14, 2011
Extremely puffy, fat, distended pussy lips the "hang-down" - best viewed from behind when the girl is standing in heels with her legs apart - also nicely fills up tight shorts, panties and often falls out the side of thongs and T-Bars...
So she is standing in front of me and I could not belive her hang-down ...

Man - she must have a lot of hang-down given the bulge in those panties ...

Oops! a little too much hang-down going on there - fell out the side of her thong bathing suit...
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
dangly Parts (Female)
Damn Baby, You Gots Some Stanky Hangdown!
by Joseph The Large November 29, 2003