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During sex, you add cole slaw and french fries to the act. Also known as the primanti brother.
Yo homey I was crunching this girl last night and to spice it up we did the Pittsburgher. The cole slaw and Fries combo was sweet.
by Miller September 16, 2004
After having anal sex, the stink from the girl's ass that remains on your weiner. I've found that scrubbing with a brillo pad is the best way to remove said stink.
Yo Tressler how did last night go?
- I got some butt stank on my hangdown!!! EI EI
by Miller September 16, 2004
The act of having really rough sex. Possibly with Oreo cookies involved.
I was crunching with Sam Malone last night and I tore that skank up.
by Miller September 16, 2004
A combination of the beav's girlfriend Amanda and the term fumunda (i.e. fumunda my nuts). We coined this phrase because she is a huge bitch and the beav is a big fucking tool bag. In addition, FAmanda has taken Boudoir photography pics in skanky lingerie that the Beav has on his computer. The only problem is that she is only 17 and the beav has pics of her beav.
(The Beav brings his girlfriend back to his dorm room and doesn't say a word to anyone at our place)....
We All Shout Out: "FAmanda"
by Miller October 18, 2004
Urban child transportation vehicle operating on 4 wheels or more.
Johnny was hit by a perambulator when he was a child.
by Miller August 30, 2003
it's the greaden!!! tiiiiiiiiiiii!
FOIGHT!!!!! This party is the greaden!
by Miller May 24, 2004
Often confused with the Cleveland Steamer... In the city of brotherly love, this occurs when a guy takes a dump on a girl's chest or vice versa and then mixes the bowel with creme cheese. A variation called the "Philly Steamer" results when the dump is mixed with nacho cheese, onions, and green peppers.
Bob: Spicy mustard you are hot tonight.
Gloria: Oh Bob I can't take anymore. I've
got to go #2.
Bob: Don't worry baby, you can use my
(After she does her business)
Bob: Oh yeah I love that! Now mix in some
of that Philly Creme Cheese.
by Miller July 17, 2005

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