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Someone who is actually NOT handicapped or retarded, but through his deliberate ineptitude and lameness gives off the impression that he is BOTH handicapped AND retarded.
Jack: Dude, I think I'll vote for Hillary Clinton for President.
John: Dude, you're a handitard.
by Azi F March 28, 2007
A very stupid, unintelligent person, that is indeed so dumb, that you cannot tell whether he/she is truly handicapped.
Look at that handi-tard, hes chasing that car.
by DINKS_Clancy June 05, 2006
it is a combination of handicappedand retardtaking the worst of each and combining them. Used as an insult
That was the dumbest thing that i have ever heard. You are such a Handitard.
by J.R. February 20, 2005
A defining characteristic of those priveldged people who get the ride the short bus, get preferential customer parking or otherwise given "special" treatment. A slang of handicap and retard.
"Fuck it! That handitard just cut me off!"

"Great, its the handitard bus."
Someone that is so dumb, it is in fact impossible to explain to them exactly how dumb they are.

Someone who does not even understand the definition of handi tard.
"ugh, forget it.. your too much of a handi-tard to understand what you've done"

"you are such a handi tard!"
by TheItalianStallionnn January 13, 2010
someone who is horribly stupid, biased, and shouldn't be allowed to be in charge of anything but their own breathing.
jeff is a handi-tard.
by nikki.a January 22, 2008
1.A person which barely qualifies as handicapped yet is a douchebag. 2. Someone who is a complete failure.
"That fucker just cut me off what a handitard."
by BobfromCanada June 14, 2009
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