A handbaby is when a woman wants to uh, get knocked up,she spits the cum out of her mouth and sticks her hand up her pussy and puts her hand up her pussy so she can collect her sperm and MAKE A BABY.
The Baldwins are handbabies. (handbaby)
by Master-Fluffer Nuggs Buttfist December 04, 2008
Top Definition
When a female tries to get pregnant unbeknownst to the male by transferring sperm “with the hand” from the stomach, buttocks, mouth, etc to the vagina for the purposes of relationship entrapment.

Any child produced for or by the aforementioned method.
Mike dumped his girlfriend when he saw her trying to make a Hand Baby.
by SleepyZ April 09, 2004
The act of female masterbation.
I caught the neighbor making hand babies.
by jsblagg February 20, 2012
Male masturbation
Nathan was caught making hand babies at the computer
by Bunnybear17 October 14, 2015
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