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A shit so large it feels like the head of the hammer is coming out of your ass but then tapers of nicely for sweet relief.

Practicing lamaze techniques during this process if helpful.

The hammerhead can cause bleeding so don't be alarmed.
Now I know what having a baby feels like, I just dropped a hammerhead in the bowl.
by SavedByZero July 20, 2009
when the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis is stretched forward, then twirled and folded tightly to give the penis the appearance of a hammer head shark
bogart: matt that is nasty
matt: respect the hammer head!
by crocock May 14, 2009
A woman's breasts, but only when they are so large that when laying down they spread to the sides.
She's got a nice set of hammerheads!
by angry gnome October 14, 2008
an older woman who preys on young men in their late teens and early twenties.

a woman who robs cradles.
yeah, that chicks a cougar

no way dude, that kids 19... shes a hammerhead
by malcom2020 April 28, 2011
A penis with a very large head. Often causes bleeding and/or causing the other person to become awestruck.
'Check out that hammerhead!'

Another word meaning fucked hard.
Wow, that massive shaft is such a hammerhead!
by willie989 January 18, 2010
when a man is inappropriate with a woman during sex (shits on her, punches her, hits her, etc.), and the disgruntled woman whips out a hammer and smacks him in the fucking face until he is dead. then she takes his money and runs away. then she blames it on self defense, or just has sex with the policemen to get away with it.
tenzin tried to give me an alabama hotpocket, so i took out my trusty hammer and hammerheaded his sorry ass. now he is dead. muahahaha.
by lhamo_is_zema December 07, 2009
A person with a head resembling a hammer, usually with no chin.
Did you see that kid back there?
Ya. One ugly ass hammer head chunkard.
by OwlTurtleMeerkat October 06, 2010