when a man is inappropriate with a woman during sex (shits on her, punches her, hits her, etc.), and the disgruntled woman whips out a hammer and smacks him in the fucking face until he is dead. then she takes his money and runs away. then she blames it on self defense, or just has sex with the policemen to get away with it.
tenzin tried to give me an alabama hotpocket, so i took out my trusty hammer and hammerheaded his sorry ass. now he is dead. muahahaha.
by lhamo_is_zema December 07, 2009
one that hammers quite often. Someone prone to hammering without trying.Can also use the phrase 'hammer head shark' to denote a master of hammering.
Ex 1 "Joe is a hammer head "
Ex 2 "What a hammer head!"
"No, he's a hammer head shark!!"
by stasis___ January 23, 2007
In the process of getting road head on the highway, you drift your car over to the side and begin hitting every bit of rumble strip that you can find. Thus creating a vibrating sensation know as hammerhead.
When the road head just wasn't enough to get off, Johnny used the rumble strips of the highway to get hammerhead.
by bkrazy November 17, 2006
a derogatory term for a person of african decent and used in reference to their big, wide lips and the similarity thereto to the wide mouth base of the "Hammer Head Shark". Used by cops in ny/nj.
Yo, chase that hammer head.
by HowUDoin336 May 11, 2006
Derek Williams: the man; the myth, the legend.
Hammerhead dances to techno.
by Andy Vo September 17, 2003
A Mormon girl from central Utah whose eyes have spread out, over many years of incest,a perfect example EVOLUTION.
As a young boy, I recall the trips to Salt Lake City and trolling for hammerheads on State Street.
by craig john November 10, 2006
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