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The act of slapping your penis against another person's forehead as a form of an insult.
Most fratboys lock themselves in their giant houses and chase one another with their pants off to give each other wicked hammerheads.
by lankysob November 22, 2005
An aerobatic maneuver in which an aircraft flies straight up in a vertical path until it stalls, at which point it spins around and flies back down the same entry path.
Maximum entry speed for the hammerhead should be about 237 mph.
by Skimmer August 24, 2005
1. A term used to define a girl who often engages in felatio.

2. Named after the similar motion of banging a hammer and ones testicles slapping against the Hammer Head's chin.
1. Yo that bitch will suck both our dicks tonight she's a mad hammer head.
by spadez August 22, 2005
Derisive nickname used by my boyfriend when I do something ditzy - a reference to the term "dumb as a bag of hammers."
Nice move, hammerhead.
by Blonder by the minute January 19, 2004
Drew fatslinger's pyscho dirtbag girlfriend whose eyes are spread so far apart that her head takes on the form of a hammerhead shark.
Ashley is a hammerhead whore whose pussy smells like scallops and gets no satifaction from Drew's tiny flacid snail weiner.

Ashley: "Drew, why do those cool ass motherfuckers you call friends call me hammerhead behind my back and sometimes to my face when they dont think I can hear them?"

Drew: "Because, your fat nasty head is so big that it causes your retarded eyes to spread ridiculously far apart you look like a dirty fucking hammerhead whore."
by chonger December 03, 2005
Bowling-related term for somebody who strictly uses Hammer bowling balls.
Wow, he has four bowling balls on the rack, and they're all Hammers. That guy's a Hammerhead.
by SomethingAwesome July 11, 2005