A beer.

You drink hammers and get hammered.
Used in the North West
Yo throw me a hammer, I'ma slam that shit
I got a case of hammers lets get smashed
by Cunthammer February 22, 2011
A slang for people who cannot swim.
He's a hammer, so if we throw him into the sea, he'll drown.
by Cookieszzz January 24, 2009
A common greeting between males. Both parties make a fist and one will hit the bottom of his fist to the top of the others. After which, the action is reciprocated. Often chained with the Fist or Rootbeer
Hey what's up Rob (Hammer, Hammer Rootbeer)? Oh nothing, just unpacking this unbelievably awesome T-Molding. Zonino!!!!
by Noslot February 01, 2008
A girl which is slutty or a whore
wow yo ,that little trick is a hammer, and shes only like 4 foot 9!
by ZerO 874 July 12, 2005
A dirty 12 to 6 curveball
The pitcher had the batter down 0-2 and dropped a hammer to strike him out
by BasebaII February 04, 2005
to fist someone forcefully against their will
Dude Justin just hammered marissa and kendal at the same time ese.
by uKNOWhowIdo January 21, 2010
A person who is a huge tool with multiple groups of friends. Like a hammer everyone uses them and its never your turn.
Wow Chris is such a Hammer, I need a ride but he was already being tooled by Dan.
by NickGD April 30, 2007

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