The Marxist symbol representing the factory workers, the sickle representing the farmers. Together they represent the uninted Proletariat.

This has now become corrupted by greedy tyrants such as Stalin and mao, to be a symbol of corrupt, totalitarian "Communist" dictatorships.
by El_Haggis September 10, 2006
A slang term used to refer to something as fashionably attractive or impressive. Hammer refers to "2 Legit 2 Quit", a song by rap artist Hammer, released in 1991 as both the title track and first single of his third studio album, Too Legit to Quit. It proved to be successful in the U.S., peaking at the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, at #5. The single also peaked at #60 on the UK Singles Chart. Hit songs "This is the Way We Roll" and "2 Legit 2 Quit" were performed by Hammer on Saturday Night Live. Along with "Addams Groove", and other songs, "2 Legit 2 Quit" was featured in the film The Addams Family in 1991.
Rap artists of the 2010's used the term to replace "Cool" or "Legit".
"Yo dawg, that shit is Hammer"
Mikey: "Yo, check out this new vapor pen I got from the vapor shop"
Mr. Locs: "Hammer."
by tommartinezjr December 10, 2013
to give recognition to a person for crafting something of a high standard.
"Hammers to John for building that solid skate ramp."
by lisasimpson May 27, 2013
A tool used to insert nails into wood. (no pun intended)
Also used by sick minded assholes who are sexually frustrated
by zdfgujhokpl[] April 23, 2013
A term that referred to a person who listened to Heavy Metal music, wore long hair, perhaps a leather or denim jacket with metallica or iron maiden patches, etc..

Was used in high school among teens and young adults in the 80's to early to mid 90's when metal music was fairly popular in some circles.
He hangs out with the hammers.

She listens to metal and dates hammers.
by dude64589 March 08, 2009
Nickname for Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
I'm from the Hammer! We invented Tim Horton's, eh?
by Hammerite December 20, 2006
1. The greatest person of all time
2. One of the biggest Pimps the world has ever seen (quite possibly the world's greatest lover)
3. Is quite possibly god
Hammer is the shit... I wish I could be like him
by mike_is_god November 09, 2006
ham·mer n.

A particularity difficult and gnarly trick performed on a skateboard, the emphasis being on the sickness, as opposed to grace or flair of its execution. Usually down or over a large obstacle, more often than not, sets of stairs and handrails, often switch and at great risk to the skateboardist.

Origins: Popularised and derived from "Hammertime" (MC Hammer), to Hammer (verb), and then to noun, e.g. a Hammer is the product of said ‘Hammertime’ (to ‘go off’, ‘come up’, ‘kill it’ or ‘bust out’).

This meaning of Hammer is promoted most vigorously by Jim Greco. Although once a staple of the 'Hesh' community, Hammers now transcend all hesh/fresh barriers, as the documentation of such Hammers is closely linked with making mo' money though incentives and sponsorship, and translates seamlessly into the philosophy of mainstream rap.
"I got a mad hammer filmed for my part, i'm so ill I make me sick"

"yeah he can throw mad hammers, whatever, his steez mings; pushes like a buggered penguin having an epileptic fit"
by bmr May 11, 2004

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