A guys trip to celebrate a ten year marriage anniversary. Generally a weekend out of town where close friends recognize a husbands marriage, partnership and commitment. Not to be confused with a bachelor party, the Hamilton is a celebration of the institution of marriage, and usually a tamer affair.
Tony and Sarah are coming up on their 10 year. Where are we taking Tony for his Hamilton?
bachelor party marriageanniversarytinaluminum
by STwomey February 17, 2012
Short for Hamilton Ackies (which is short for Hamilton Academic Football Club) which is rhyming slang for Pakis, which is short for Pakistanis.
"Fuck man, that guy stinks of shit and curry!"

"Fuckin' Hamilton."
by mr P.C. April 16, 2009
A subtle derogatory term for Pakistanis. Derived from the Scottish football team Hamilton Academicals, usually known as "The Accies". It rhymes with Pakis, hence Hamiltons.
"Agnes have you seen who has moved in next door?"
"Oh yes! Bloody Hamiltons"
"O well, there goes the neighbourhood!!"
(nods to Monty Python there folks)
by ioxothoth September 05, 2007
Fucking stanky hellhole. Two major steel companies reside in this shitty industrial city in Southern Ontario. These companies dump innumerable amounts of shit into Lake Ontario - where dead fish now line the shores.
"Dude, where do you live?"
".... Shit man. I'm sorry."
by Andrewkk October 19, 2005
A once thriving industrial city in Southern Ohio, now a run-down shithole with about half of the buildings vacated. Now almost completely populated by either crackheads, pill fiends, hill-jacks, or some other sort of degenerate you can think of.

Most women in the town are below average attractiveness, but are terribly slutty nonetheless. The women that are average usually become prostitutes by the time they're thirteen years old.

The only business still making a profit in the town is a paper mill, so half the town smells like human shit.

Also known as Hamiltucky, because it was originally populated by the rejects from the coal mines in Kentucky, who moved north seeking work.
1) "Hey, where are you from?"

2) "Hamilton, OH"

3) "I've never heard of it."

4) "Good."
by Xazzaphrazz February 05, 2012
An extremely attractive female, a "Perfect 10" or dimepiece. The term originated from the fact that Alexander Hamilton's portrait is featured on the U.S. $10 bill.
Johnny: "Yo man, did you see that chick over there?"
Stevie: "She so hot dude"
Johnny: "Yep, she's a total Hamilton"

"Wow this joint's hella ill, there so many Hamiltons here"

"Yeah she's kinda cute, probably about 3/4 of a Hamilton"

by M Rockwell February 15, 2007
A very prominent suntan, trademark of George Hamilton
He came back from Florida with a serious hamilton
by Summer Sky September 30, 2006
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