Hamilton is a town in South Lanarkshire, in the west side of central Scotland. Its the fifth largest town in Scotland after Paisley, East Kilbride, Livingston and Cumbernauld and is 12 miles south-east of Glasgow and has a population of 49451 people.

It is also.....a dumping ground for alcoholics, junkies and idiots. Fights and poverty are all about the culture of our beloved Hamilton. Hotspots include Whitehill, Fairhill and Hillhouse were if into drugs and knifes then you should definatly take a wander.

The resident neds bring life to this tranquil place (a translator will be required to converse with these young gentlemen and ladies). Best place to mix with the people in Hamilton is at the renowned nightclub, the Hamilton Palace. Feast your eyes on such delights of barely clothed woman and techno lovin' lads...."Cattle market" I hear you say? Why, yes! And thats why we love it so.

So please come visit....
Come to Hamilton...It's a real eye-opener!
by meep123 March 02, 2009
A kick-ass city in Southern Ontario that the majority of ignorant assholes like to call "stink-town" or some other lackluster and/or poorly faceted nickname. Although being the capital for major steel production (hence another nickname known as steel town), the air is clean, the trees are green, and the girls on our university and college campuses are hella fine. Hamilton is also home of one of the country's most reputable post-secondary institutions: McMaster University.

Anyone who talks smack about Hamilton is either: 1) an idiot, 2) a lifeless nerd who doesn't find partying and hot girls fun, and/or 3) an ignorant twat who judges places they've never even been to.
"Ah man, I spent the weekend in Hamilton and had sex with 2 chicks - at once!"
by JackBauer133 April 24, 2011
The act of taking a man's eyes and balls out and putting his eyes where his balls go and then his balls in the eye holes.
That bastard cheated on me! I want to give him an hamilton!

by Operation Muffin Delivery April 02, 2014
A small town in Michigan that has only one blinking light. It consists of lots of either redneck farmers or wannabe gangsters. There are more churches than stores. We have a food center, two gas stations, and two liquor stores. The most fun thing to do in this town is play on the elementary school playground and visit the river. No wonder we have two liguor stores. Please stay away from this town at all costs! But if you are already visiting, get out as fast as you can, this place can corrupt you. Lastly, if you live here, please leave so this town can rot to the ground.
Watch out, there's a hamilton in the middle of the road!
by pagina1234567 December 28, 2010
A town in South Lanarkshire, A really great town infact, the people are nice and friendly, there are small rates of violence and the neighbourhoods are very nice and extremely clean, places to live in Hamilton include Eddlewood, Fairhill, Whitehill, Silvertonhill, Burnbank, Toreheads Farm, The Gleeb, Woodhead and Fernegair, the majority of people that are living in these schemes and suburbs are friendly and nice, there are also loads of things to do in Hamilton including, but not limited to, the vue cinema, Strathclyde Park, Chatelherault Country Park, A Shopping Centre and loads of places to hang out.
I'd appreciate if you were ever in South Lanarkshire to come visit, Its a real lovely place!
Person A : Where did you go this Weekend
Person B : A Town called Hamilton
Person A : Cool, Did you enjoy yourself?
Person B : Yep, It was pretty good
by Baconequalsgoodforme June 19, 2010
1. A town in Tasmania
2. A city in Southern Ontario
3. Known as Steel Town or Ambitious City
I live in Hamilton and I hate it.
by I :heart: Trinidad September 14, 2006
A guys trip to celebrate a ten year marriage anniversary. Generally a weekend out of town where close friends recognize a husbands marriage, partnership and commitment. Not to be confused with a bachelor party, the Hamilton is a celebration of the institution of marriage, and usually a tamer affair.
Tony and Sarah are coming up on their 10 year. Where are we taking Tony for his Hamilton?
bachelor party marriageanniversarytinaluminum
by STwomey February 17, 2012
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