Hamilton is an ungodly small town (though, it's more of a street) in the middle of the fuck nowhere in Tasmania. Some of the people there survive only by incest, and there is no form of police force. Some say God himself took a dump there, where a small take-away store now stands in it's place
Hamilton, man!
Redneck town.
by TheRich May 02, 2006
(ha^m- íl - tŭn)


1. Something that smells horrible; an object that makes your eyes water in pain.

2. Something that is very large or fat.


1. To fuck something up; to ruin someone's life or fun.

1. "Your socks dude, some serious Hamilton there."


1. "I would, but I don't want to Hamilton it up and piss her off."
by Bobcandy April 14, 2010
A once thriving industrial city in Southern Ohio, now a run-down shithole with about half of the buildings vacated. Now almost completely populated by either crackheads, pill fiends, hill-jacks, or some other sort of degenerate you can think of.

Most women in the town are below average attractiveness, but are terribly slutty nonetheless. The women that are average usually become prostitutes by the time they're thirteen years old.

The only business still making a profit in the town is a paper mill, so half the town smells like human shit.

Also known as Hamiltucky, because it was originally populated by the rejects from the coal mines in Kentucky, who moved north seeking work.
1) "Hey, where are you from?"

2) "Hamilton, OH"

3) "I've never heard of it."

4) "Good."
by Xazzaphrazz February 05, 2012
The act of not showing up at a promised event, or standing someone up on a date/meet-up/etc. Alternatively, someone who performs such a deed.
Great, she pulled a Hamilton.

He's a Hamilton.
by aHamiltonsDate June 29, 2009
Jesus' middle name. No known origins for this word which became part of the Washintonian hipster vernacular in 2007. Hamilton may also be used without the Jesus, when calling to a person or person's who is acting in an annoying way.
As in Jesus H. Christ. The "H" stands for Hamilton.
by Tish The Dish March 14, 2008
A county in central Indiana containing many suburbs of Indianapolis. Major cities and towns include Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, and Noblesville. The estimated population in 2006 was 251,000; in 2000 the population was only 183,000, making Hamilton County one of the top 20 large growing counties in the nation.

Hamilton County is also known for its residents' wealthiness, with 2005 median household income above $82,000, which is extremely high given the low price of housing there (median home value: $200,000). Carmel is the wealthiest of Hamilton County's places, with a median household income of about $120,000.

Hamilton County's overrated - too expensive. I'd rather spend less money and live in Indianapolis itself.
by Alan Kirschner June 16, 2007

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