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An awesome city in New Zealand, with sun, surf, and just about everything else. Population about 100,000. Best city. Ever.
A) So, where do you live?

B) I live in Tauranga :D

A) Awesome bruuu! I'm in fuckin Auckland :l
by Yo'Concience February 13, 2011
Tauranga is a beautiful city for outsiders.. But really it is a shithole for old people to retire . Tauranga contains some cunts that think they have "swag" and sluts that think they are "gods gift to men" .. Red is a favourite colour in Tauranga so if you wear blue I suggest you change that... Tauranga loves to have party's but shit cops shut it down at around 8-9pm but other than that Tauranga people are great to get along with. Oh and night clubbing is shit too
I love Tauranga ... Says no one who lives here, ever!
by The truth hurts doesn't it December 10, 2013
A pointless town in New Zealand that tries to pretend it is a city. It is notorious for boy racers, sluts and physical beatings.
I am taking a tiki tour up to Tauranga, you wanna come?

Fuck no, I would rather spend eternity in hell being spit roasted.

by MrCWise January 20, 2009

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