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Verb; the act designated to the theft or larceny of a hamburger, cheeseburger, or burger derivative.

Past Tense: Hamburgled
Some sneaky fiend has hamburgled my Junior Bacon Chee.!
by Kurt Yaeger April 30, 2006
v.; The action pertaining to the theft (or larceny) of one or more hamburgers, cheeseburgers, or other burger derivatives. PAST TENSE: "hamburgled"
Some sneaky bitch just hamburgled my bacon double chee.
by Kurt Yaeger April 29, 2006
a severe dodgy face often given after some retard says something dumb
person 1: is that guy giving me a dirty look?
person 2: yeah he just hamburgled you good.
by obshortie October 29, 2008
to "hamburgle" is to make love to the ass without any actual penetration of said ass. hamburgling is comparable to titty fucking a set of breasts, the difference being that your dick is between a set of ass cheeks rather than a set of breasts.
"so man, did you get any the other night?"

"yeah dude, I hamburgled that ass all night long"
by hamburgler123 August 21, 2009
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