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To play halo for long periods of time
It was an intense night of haloing
by P@trick November 28, 2007
11 2
a relatively obscure fetish in which a man dresses as a Halo marine while getting a lap dance from a large woman representing a Covenant Brute.
Bro: Hey man we should go Haloing tonight
You: Alright you call the big bitch and i will get the halo suits.
by creatorSnacks February 21, 2012
3 1
The act of pulling out just before ejaculation, and moving your penis in a circle around a felmale/males anus thus creating a white halo
liam: rachel was lovin sex last night
Stu: yea??? what about u?
liam: i was haloing the shit out of her at the end so it was amazing bro!
by Stuper Man December 02, 2010
1 2
Bunnyhopping constantly like a complete FUCKING noob all the time. Comes from Halo Series' ridiculous jump height and notoriety for bunnyhoppers.
*Random guy leaps round corner and pops your head with a no scope on COD4*
"OMFG!!! those fucking cocks keep fuckin halo'ing!!!!!!"
by W00t W00t W00t October 19, 2008
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