When a man is acting less than macho. Usually used by Italian-Americans while breaking balls. A mezzo finocchio.
Are you going to sit here, whining like half a fag because she left you? Fuggedaboutit! Go out there and get some new poontang.
by Agapito Lucca December 29, 2007
effeminate-a man who possesses gay attributes
Tom Cruise is half a fag.
by P Brown November 13, 2007
A bisexual.
"Carmine is acting like half a fag the way he is looking at Ronnie"
by hughmonger June 16, 2004
A man who is straight that when having sex is really thinking of men. Slang used to make fun of a man you don't like who you know is straight.
Chris is half a fag.
by Chris McCallister October 20, 2007
Guys that have one earring.
"Nice earring, what does tha mean, I'm only half a fag?"
by Jtron 3000 April 17, 2003

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