Wylie: a lovely person; musically gifted; sexy; generally has long hair; stoners; any girl would be lucky to pick him up, as Wylie's are the sweetest, most caring, loyal, and kind-hearted people you could ever know. They're not easy to get , but they're the kind of person you'll want to marry.
Person 1:"How come your boyfriend is so awesome?"
Person 2:"Because he's a Wylie!"
by poutiney November 27, 2011
A small city close by Dallas, Texas. Two general football teams, The Raiders and The Pirates. The Pirates have a rivalry with Highland Parks football team. All the girls in Wylie are either:

Bitchy backstabbers
Annoying Idiots
Prissy Airheads
Nice people who just happen to be popular so they can't be your friend
or, nice outcasts( which is only 2% of the girls )

Then you have the boys who are either,

Really annoying jerks
Really annoying losers
Really annoying smart kids
Guys who won't talk to you cause you dumped them ( for a good reason )
or really cool guys who barely acknowledge the fact you exist .

The GT kids are automatically labeled " smart " ( even the ones with no common sense like me ), and the only reason people want to be friends with them is for help with projects and stuff like that.

If you live in Wylie, we all pity each other.
Jade: "Hey Rosali, where do you live?"
Rosali: "Wylie."
Jade: "I feel so bad for you."
by TheWayThatSheFlipsHerHair October 08, 2012
Named after the Loony Tune character Wylie E. Coyote, the term Wylie means people who think they know it all but are always screwing up.
There are a lot of Wylies in the White House.
by Webmaster Ed/Zamona.com March 08, 2005
1 - A word that has droped out of common usage but is due for a revival. When you are unable to understand a word of what is said due to the speakers outrageous dialect.
2 - Outrageously camp.
I think Freddie Mercury was a wylie.
by cheese July 16, 2004

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