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A person who is from Haiti or has parents that are from Haiti.

They dont eat cats
All of them didnt get here on boats
All of them are not part of the Zo pound.
A yo, who is that nigga right there wit Christina. Ohh thats just Wayne... he a cool ass haitian.
by TheQuikOne June 10, 2005
native of Haiti; of Haitian descent

me : Half-Haitian
A Haitian is a person from Haiti. Haiti isn't the greatest county, but the people are actually very nice. And the food is pretty good.
by BlasianSensation October 23, 2004
a tight person.
A cool culture.
by Karlina November 10, 2003
person from haiti-rite near da dominican republic. for da most part da ppl there r madd chills-dey tell things like it is. dey thro bangin carnivals n have sum good food! oh n dey dance!!!
-i would know i'm haitian n dominican
yo dis haitian chic stays crackin me up!
by michelle November 03, 2004
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