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an fine-ass underage girl that you'd like to get with, but you know that 16 will get you 20 unless no one finds out..

see also lolita
1:Look at that hottie over there, she's damn fine
2:Dammit man, she looks about 15, I wouldn't touch that if I was you
by BlasianSensation October 23, 2004
A person of more than one racial background; usually looks quite distinctive from monoracial people

see also eurasian blasian biracial hapa etc.
real-life examples are everywhere, just look around.
by BlasianSensation October 23, 2004
native of Haiti; of Haitian descent

me : Half-Haitian
A Haitian is a person from Haiti. Haiti isn't the greatest county, but the people are actually very nice. And the food is pretty good.
by BlasianSensation October 23, 2004
something that guys do a lot. can be done if they see someone really hot, or if they see someone fugly and want to laugh at them. at first it's kinda annoying, but then you get used to it. people who stare too much should get their eyes poked out.
before, I used to be really uncomfortable when someone would stare at me. now, I really don't care.
by BlasianSensation October 24, 2004
Damn Sexy Lips
Dick Sucking Lips
A damn fast internet connection
The guys really like my DSL.
by BlasianSensation October 23, 2004
It's something that's way too common in America's society these days. It causes an awful lot of pain for the children of the parents. Often the children rarely ever get to see/visit one of the parents. The parents usually say "Don't worry, we're still friends" though loads of shit-talking goes on behind each other's backs. Leads to the parents dating other people because they "don't want to be alone", which may lead to a second marriage and a step-mom or step-dad who only seems to be there to give the children hell 24/7. Can cause depression. Divorces are complete bullshit.
Seeing my parents divorce has convinced me not to marry, since it's most likely that mine will end up the same way their's did.
by BlasianSensation October 24, 2004

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