Marijuana or purple haze.
"I got some haze 2 blaze"
by Tragik November 26, 2003
usual term for weed,
can also mean rap music , often a term used by a small group of gheto mexicans in the tristates
1 u got tht haze? i wana get high
2 yo what haze you like to lissen to mang?i like big l
by that guy 07875743 February 17, 2009
A group of sex offenders that conjugate on many forums of the internet, plotting their next act of molestation. Usually such groups are led by an extremely gay man usually in his 30's.
Damn, I think there's some Hazers in that house.

You joining up with the local Haze?
by Kamangir July 10, 2008
"Haze" is used at times as another word for, "Delicious Food." Usually used only when one is high but can be used when sober. It is a rare term to come by but is gaining popularity on Long Island, New York.
Rich: "Yo, what did you get?"
Brian: "A pepperoni pinwheel."
Rich: "It's the haze I see."
by Derek Bouchard June 03, 2007
a certain type of weed
dro, regs, haze, cosh, all that good shitt =)
by bka tina July 13, 2005
the act of smoking weed
guy1: wow man i was so fucked last night, how much did we haze?
guy2: enuff
by JNB123 September 05, 2007
To be extremely novice and unskilled in the area of artistic expression and especially in the category of musicianship and the hip-hop genre.
HazeYaMind -"I'm so sick, I catch a cold when I rap"
by Defining King April 12, 2004

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