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Lavinia is the hottest Visi grl to walk this plantet all guyz want her but to bad i have her she dominates at beer pong and we get drunk everyday together but never in school of course i wont leave ya unless sum1 hotter (which is hard 2 find) comes along ya ma grl 4 life!
Guy1: Dam tht fine piece of ass came from Visi i gatta tap tht shes soo seductive ill take her candy shopp and let her lick ma lolipop anyday

That grl is soo lavinia its orgasmic
by Burt March 12, 2005
A fucking bitch with usually green eyes and yucky dark hair. Name originates from Italy so probs from there. Pretty slutty. Not common but still avoid at all costs. They like to populate around Brooklyn area!!!
Girl 1: oh my god, did you see that new girl?
Girl 2: yeah, I think her name is Lavinia.
Girl 3: oh her! Yeah she's a fucking slut. Little European bitch.
Girl 1: yeah haha! She thinks the guys think she's hot. They really reckon she looks like a chubby version of my ass hole!
by Lil miss NJ March 10, 2013
A girl's name that originated in Italy.

Has likely had underage sex with an ugly, self centered boyfriend. Is quite sexy but probably has AIDS or some other kind of STD including genital warts.
"Look at Lavinia, that bitchy slut whore who put ketcup on that innocent little girl last week."
"I know, that girl doesnt know when to stop"
by Panface Lover March 30, 2009
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