To drink alcohol very quickly
Guy 1: Look at him there downing that beer.
Guy 2: Yeah. He can deffo haze that down. What a guy!
by Crazy H March 23, 2012
Crazy, insane
I can't deal with these haze bitches, they be tripping for no reason.
by Luxuriouz November 07, 2014
HardOCP's #1 Ass pounding fairy
Haze- gave me the rusty trombone last night!
by Jesus Christ July 22, 2003
A realy cool, and freaking hilarious guy!
People love to hang out with him!
Wow, that guy is totally a Haze!
by Pandi_Bear May 05, 2011
an activity that you do not wish to take part in.
cleaning the yard is a haze
by DFresh32 December 07, 2010
As a surname -

a wild man said to live in straw huts on wild back country moors.

nearly always has long, unkept hair entangled with straw twigs and squirrel bones.

at night he goes out hunting sheep and other small pray to rape and then eat.

be warned if you should ever have the misfortune to stumble across such a creature!
shit man, walking back from yours last night i nearly got nabbed by the haze!
by victimno.1 April 05, 2011
To smoke a lot of the marijuana source.
1) Hey bruh, want to haze after class?

2) The other night I hotboxed the washroom, and I got so hazed!
by bigupstochevy November 28, 2010
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