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A female who would do anything to sleep with Barack Obama. By wanting to sleep with somebody so much, she becomes a 'ho.' But because it is Barack Obama, she is required, by U.S. and Kenyan law, to take on the title, "Hobama." It is also regarded as an honorific for many groupies.
Girl 1: I want to sleep with Barack Obama so bad!
Girl 2: You're such a Hobama!
Girl 1: I'm so not! You totally are!
Girl 2: You're a Hobama, just admit it!
Girl 1: Okay fine, I am sorta a Hobama.
Girl 1's Mom: I was also a Hobama at your age.
Girl 1: How? He was too young then.
Girl 1's Mom: Doesn't matter.
by April 01, 2009
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A word used to insult Obama in front of his supporters. Subliminal usage is most preferred.
The linguistic combination of "ho" and "Obama" is a century-old tradition, used by anybody who has a sense of humor.
Guy: Hobama was TV again today.
Liberal: Did you just say HObama?
Guy: Huh? What are you talking about.
Liberal: You said HO-bama.
Guy: No, I didn't. Why, you don't like Hobama?
Liberal: There, you said it again!
Guy: No I didn't.... *cough*HObama*cough*
by April 01, 2009
Michelle Obama. First Ho to the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Matter of fact... First Ho to ever be in the White House.
Yo... my first biaaaatch! Now dat I be da man inna office, git off yur fat n' lazy ass n' go grab me a cold Colt45... Hobama!
by Gapingredgroovie January 21, 2009
Presidential hopeful Barack Obama's wife/ho Michelle Obama.
Our future First lady is Hobama.
by Kortan Askew October 22, 2008
If Obama ever gonna do what president Clinton did... have sex with a female any other than his wife.
Did you hear Obama had sex with that lady?? She's a Hobama!
by Pebbel February 23, 2009
What the administration would be called if Hillary was elected & Obama was her vice president.
I wish Obama will win so we dont have a Hobama administration.
by naknumm February 03, 2008
An NWO operative who fools American voters yet again by promising change and then surrounding himself with the criminals who have destroyed the country
Hobama - Change You Can't Identify
by tonybinca November 24, 2008

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