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29 definitions by naknumm

Someone who repeatedly makes mistakes. Says stuff he believes is true, but anyone with common sense can see he's wrong. A dumbass.
Bush is talking on tv again. What a fucking errorist.
by naknumm August 23, 2007
Filipino slang for "Excuse me". It's use is most appropriate during meals.
Tangina everybody, I have an announcement...
Tangina waiter, is our food ready?
by naknumm May 15, 2007
1. Women's clothing store famous for it's catalog with hot models in lingerie.

2. I don't know...she won't tell me...

1. I bought my wife some pajamas from Victoria's Secret at the mall.

2. Joe: What the hell is Victoria smiling about?
Ed: I don't know...she won't tell me...
by naknumm February 01, 2008
The accidental discharge of fecal matter, usually of the liquefied kind, when attempting to merely pass gas. If the underwear becomes overly saturated, a stain may appear on the outer garment. This unfortunately results in embarassment and ridicule, if around other people.
What was the name of that guy wearing white pants that sharted in Carl's Jr. then had to take the bus home?
by naknumm May 15, 2007
How to say the word "fucking" in front of young children, so they don't echo your potty mouth.
me: That effin George Bush is talking on TV again!
child: Who is Bush?
me: Some moron dipshit cunt faggot asshole sonofabitch pussy dickhead cocksucker bastard that says retarded homo bullshit all the time!
by naknumm February 22, 2008
An "English"-language newspaper published in Bacolod city, in the Visayan region of the Philippines.
Has been in circulation for several decades but interestingly, the quality of writing has stayed at the 3rd grade level. However, the tabloid journalism and idiotic reporting makes for an occasional good laugh.

Currently, the paper is used as the mouthpiece of the city's colorfuldouche bag mayor, Evelio Leonardia, who is renowned for being Bacolod's first mayor to wear a dirty sanchez proudly.
Me: Honey I need more toilet paper.
Chrysee: Here's the Visayan Daily Star, dear!
Me: Thanks!
by naknumm August 30, 2007
A type of body armor developed by Pinnacle Armor of Fresno, California. It utilizes a pattern of discs thar overlap like dragon scales, hence the name. The scale pattern of this vest also makes it flexible, unlike the current body armor issued to US troops, the Interceptor, which utilizes rectangular ceramic plates inserted into pouches on the vest.
Although Dragon Skin has repeatedly been shown as superior to the Interceptor, it has not been adopted due to corruption & bureaucracy in the US military supply system.
Soldiers were told that if they use any body armor other than the Interceptor, they lose their $400,000 life insurance policy. Interestingly, the CEO of the company that makes the Interceptor threw a $10 million Bar Mitzvah for one of his children. Hmmm....
I saw Dragon Skin armor on the military channel. It's badass.
by naknumm August 29, 2007