hot musty underarms
Angelina Jolie sometimes looks like she's been sucking hmu all day.

really someone give her some chapstick
by litlblueskittlz November 18, 2010
hefty male urethra
girl: you got some mad distance with your money shot

guy: bitch, thass cause i gotta hmu
by anonyanony March 22, 2011
Hug My Uterus
I was laughing so hard i had to HMU
by LouisLane July 15, 2010
An acronym for 'hot man underpants.'
"Hey guys, I just ordered some hmu off of ebay."

"Omg! Freddie is wearing hmu!
by Izzeh :D June 27, 2010
Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit.
RHC required more hydrogen from the HMU!
by Big Bender May 18, 2006
HMU is a ( Hgh Maintinence Unit )
Ashly is such a HMU...
by Rascal July 26, 2005

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