hmu definition is a slang word referring to hit me up a free social network site like facebook called
85,000 people a day say hmu on facebook meaning to hit them up on hit me up a free social network
by hit me up May 07, 2013
Hump My Umbrella
Hey dude, HMU!
by omaigawd May 07, 2011
Here's My Uterus
Those shorts are so short, they're like HMU!!!
by TastyT July 21, 2011
The abbreviation of "hold my umbrella", commonly mistaken as "hit me up".
Girl: "It's raining."

Guy: "Bitch! HMU!"
by Hold My Umbrella April 14, 2011
Hug my uterus.
Bob: Wanna go see a movie?
Michelle: HMU
by KbAbILG March 25, 2011
hot musty underarms
Angelina Jolie sometimes looks like she's been sucking hmu all day.

really someone give her some chapstick
by litlblueskittlz November 18, 2010
hefty male urethra
girl: you got some mad distance with your money shot

guy: bitch, thass cause i gotta hmu
by anonyanony March 22, 2011

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