Hook me up
Often said to text or hang out
John:imy, hmu?
Donna:Sure when?
by I funny April 09, 2015
Hit me up
hey whats up , hmu
by kai xiumin June 01, 2015
hold my utensil
"yo Phil, hmu while i brush my dogs teeth".
by stephil February 08, 2013
A 3 letter acronym use in texts or on various personal ads referring to one male, who's receiving oral sex, is also holding and playing with another male's cock and genitalia thereby jacking him off (results in greater sexual pleasure to both partners or individuals).
Ad under m4m, t4m, mw4m or mw4mw can read in part: Love to give oral sex with my warm, wet lips, HMU accepted but not required.

Red: "Hey Bob, did you hear, Jim got a blowjob from Sally's husband and was told to HMU during."
Bob: "You're kidding Red, did he do it?"
Red: "From what I heard he did, got so turned on, ended up jacking him off."
Bob: "lol"
by benignlylauxes September 14, 2014
hmu definition is a slang word referring to hit me up a free social network site like facebook called
85,000 people a day say hmu on facebook meaning to hit them up on hit me up a free social network
by hit me up May 07, 2013
Hump My Umbrella
Hey dude, HMU!
by omaigawd May 07, 2011
Here's My Uterus
Those shorts are so short, they're like HMU!!!
by TastyT July 21, 2011

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