Hold my unicorn.
Hey what's up, can you hmu? I need to tie my shoe.
by UnicornLover238 September 17, 2010
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AIM acronym for : hit me up
I'm bored. someone HMU
by rissxbitch April 18, 2009
Hit Me Up.
Going out, hmu
by dancechica. August 05, 2010
It is abbreviation for "Hit Me Up".

It means that you want that somebody calls you or texts you an SMS.

Also, this was the most popular Facebook status in 2010. year - 1,600 statuses a day had "hmu" inside of them.
I'm so bored... Will somebody HMU? :)
by Mr. Fancyhead January 15, 2011
When people want to abbreviate "Hit Me Up" hmu is used as a shorter version.
I'm bored tonight, someone "hmu".
by Newhaven11 December 18, 2010
H.m.u is short for "Hit me up" otherwise, "I've got nothing to do you should invite me to do something with you"
Bored, h.m.u?" or "H.m.u
by Alexaa13 November 08, 2010
Hit my uterus
when your at a club and you get some just tell em to HMU
by secretcowninja July 05, 2011

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