Hit my uterus
when your at a club and you get some just tell em to HMU
by secretcowninja July 05, 2011
HMU is an abbreviation for "Hit me up". Commonly used as a way to tell someone to text or call you.
hmu boys, im single and ready to mingle ;)
by mkaiserroll13 January 07, 2012
Hit me up or (Text, hangout, call) me.
Hey, you should HMU sometime.
by yeah? Yeet! January 28, 2015
Hump my uterus.
I'm bored, you wanna HMU?
by Salia Lashenthatt December 10, 2011
Hit Me up
Boy: Ay, girl I'm wanna go out wit me friday?

Girl: I'm busy this weekend.

Boy: huh, what about next?

Girl: Not sure yet, HMU l8r. ;)
by dragontales September 15, 2011
hit me up
just hmu somtimes
by _taniyaa_ March 16, 2015
Stands for Hit Me Up.
This word means "i'm bored so you should talk/chill with me".
A word generally used by fuckboys that have no purpose in life other than to convince a perfectly ordinary girl into sleeping with him.
Fuckboy: I'm bored bby, hmu
Girl: no stfu
by inclusivelilbish December 03, 2015
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