HIM is the ultimate badass spooky dealer of death. HIM was created in 1988 by Almight Banyan (me) as a simple sketch, and grew into a high school phenomenon. Since then, he has not been seen much, but his legend will live forever.

Although HIM underwent many physical changes (based on the amount of time alloted for each drawing) one thing remained static throughout: a round face with a mop of motley black hair (think Motley Crue), evil eyebrows and a huge sinister toothy smile. HIM slew his victims with all manner of weapons and accessories.

So far, HIM has slain the following beings (not in chronological order):
1. Heather (death by knife, the original HIM and original victim. Also the introduction of Joe's Book of Goony Blobs)
2. Gumby (death by spiked club)
3. Darth Vader (death by blaster pistol)
4. Some random Commies (death by machine gun)
5. Rambo (death by flamethrower)
6. Some random skiiers (death by skiis and swords, also the introduction of the sound-effect "BLAAL" used when someone is killed)
7. Freddy Krueger (death by custom bladed gauntlet ala Wolverine)
8. Bruce Lee (death by Explodo-pistol)
9. Some random hockey player (death by razor-lined goalie stick)
10. Charlie Brown (death by pitchfork)
11. Some random citizens (death by vulcan machine gun, a baseball bat, and a RPG)
12. Some random lumberjack (death by log splitting axe)
13. Archmage Ged (death by strangulation)
14. More random citizens (death by pistol, vicious uppercut), shotgun, strangulation, arrow, and 1-ton iron block)
15. Abraham Lincoln (death by hanging with a noose)
16. A dental patient (death by massive drill press)
17. Some clod (horrid death, head torn off with spinal cord trailing behind)
18. Hulk Hogan (hurled through steel cage, looked like grated cheese coming out the other side)
19. Some Viet Cong (with Rambo's knife)
20. Some random pedestrian (death by Ford Bronco)
21. Satan (death by RPG **Special note - in their original meeting, HIM and Satan played a friendly game of poker. It was not until their second meeting that Satan met his demise)
22. Some random minions of Satan (death by Spear of Doom and by stomping on one)
23. Alf (death by classic black spherical bomb)
24. Lois Lane (HIM actually possessed Superman in this one, and flew through the helicopter that Lois was in, blasting it to smithereens)
25. Some random karate student (death by stomping)
26. Some random teacher (death by garden claw)
27. Some random punk rocker (death by pistol)
28. Some random baseball pitcher (death by line drive through the chest)
29. Some random golfer (death by 1-Wood, head driven completely off)
30. Some random wrestler (death by Piledriver outside the ring)
HIM is the only being who could kill Chuck Norris. And don't vote "thumbs down" just because I said this!

HIM would kill Chuck Norris by tangling his beard with a wire whisk, rendering Chuck powerless for the final blow.
by Almighty Banyan April 06, 2008
Top Definition
A truly amazing and beautiful Finnish band that lyrics resemble an ongoing story: a Romeo and Juliet kind of undying love with blindingly sensual & romantic lyrics. Beautiful keyboard melodies and rockin' guitar riffs that go with the deep dark sensual voice of singer and lyricalist Ville Valo who happens to be the most sexiest, beautiful talented man in rock 'n' roll. They have a gothic, vampouric kind of look which makes ville and their music even more irresitable. They've created a new type of music, Love Metal which has a combination of darkness and light. Check out they're albums, Greatest Love Songs 666, Razorblade Romance, Deep shadows and brillinat highlights, Love Metal.
"HIM are the best band ever"
by Jennifer April 09, 2004
Finnish "Love Metal" group that is fronted by singer/songwriter Ville Valo. They have songs such as "buried alive by love", "your sweet 666" and "sweet pandemonium" in english, and songs such as "paratiisi" in finnish. They also do covers like Billy Idol's "rebel yell", Blue Oyster Cult's "(dont fear) The Reaper", but most recognizably, Chris Isaac's "wicked game" off of their "Razorblade Romance" Cd.

They have yet to tour the U.S.
"HIM is the best band in the world"


"Ville Valo from HIM smokes quite a bit, yet still manages to have a great voice for someone who smokes three packs a day"

"HIM is my favorite finnish band"
by HisInfernalMajesty (amy) September 10, 2003
An amazing band from Finland. Their tracks are commonly used in CKY dvd's. They were famous before Bam Margera liked them, and a lot of people liked them before he started promoting them. No disrespect to Bam though, him and Ville are great friends, after all.
Tomorrow seems so far away
and the wait in vein'

<3 <3 <3
by Carmii April 30, 2005
Him is an amazing band from Finland. Not only does Ville Valo have an incredible voice, but he's also very hot. HIM's lyrics are beautiful. Their different from any other lyrics that bands make. Their genre is Love Metal.
HIM is an amazing band.
by x__used.xcore November 19, 2005
pn. pronoun that refers to a male.
Sumbuddy: wy iz dis red stuf al over me sirt?
Guy: You were stabbed by him in the chest.
by Ken R. November 22, 2004
The best band ever. They have a really good sound and i cant get enough of them. All their videos are great. HIM also has the sexy lead singer Ville Valo. Ville Valo smokes and drinks a lot but he is still the most sexy man in the world. Ville Valo also has a deep sexy voice thats sounds great.
"Circle of Fear"
"Sweet Six Six Six"
"gone With the Sin"
and a lot more. all of their songs are awsome.
by Taylor February 02, 2005
The Band His Infernal Majesty.Vocals Ville Valo Born 11.22.76,Bass Mige Born 12.19.74,Guitar Linde Born 8.12.76,Drums Gas Born 2.8.71,Keyboard Burton Born 10.17.74. The Band uses the symbol Heartagram which is also used by pro skateboarder and production company owner Bam Margera
The H.I.M concert kicked ass!!
by Ryan Raycraft December 09, 2003
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