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The skin on the back side of the Ball Sack(where the testicles are)
Guy 1: "The back part of my testicles Itches."

Guy 2: Dude, don' you mean your "Sach"
by P.C.T the reals December 07, 2009
Having an intense sex appeal or outstanding quality
1. -"Who is that guy over there?!"

-"No clue, but he sure does have some sachs on him."

2. -"Damn dude, that guys has got some serious sachs goin!"
by Papasacs September 29, 2011
someone who does not sleep at all and is seriously addicted to facebook :P
omg sach is ALWAYS online!
by has95 July 10, 2010
a sachs farts when he is nervous, and while outwardly ashamed by the odor, he secretly loves it, wishing to bottle his aroma for perpetual sniffing. The sachs also has dual personalities. When around others, a sachs can be polite, gentle and subdued, however when in private, he will exclaim dirty profanities and do gymnastics while naked.
Steven was having dinner with several people and decided to be a sachs and farted, ashamed to admit it, but secretly enjoying it.
by PercyMontgomery November 07, 2007
A skank who fantasizes about Mr bush, Ms Fawcett and Khusbu
"omg didu see that chick in love with khusbu, what a sach"
by MrBush March 03, 2005
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