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An amazing band from Finland. Their tracks are commonly used in CKY dvd's. They were famous before Bam Margera liked them, and a lot of people liked them before he started promoting them. No disrespect to Bam though, him and Ville are great friends, after all.
Tomorrow seems so far away
and the wait in vein'

<3 <3 <3
by Carmii April 30, 2005
People from New Zealand. Do not shag sheep, contrary to popular belief.
'Oh, here comes another Kiwi, hide your sheep'
'How about you hide your sheep, aussie... you have more sheep than New Zealand, numbnuts'
by Carmii April 30, 2005
The hair, the voice, the eyes, the talent...
All so amazing...
Just listen to the albums, read some interveiws and you'll know what I mean
by Carmii April 30, 2005
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