bad guy from the powerpuff girls
its HIM!!!!!!!!! dun dun dun dun
by tae kwon August 07, 2006
a neato rock band that bam margera likes and has a heartagram as a logo
him fucking rocks they are cool
by yeah im cool April 08, 2005
H.I.M. or His Infernal Majesty is a rockband from Finland. They formed in 1995. Ville Hermanni Valo is the singer and songwriter who formed the band. The other band members are bassist Migé Amour, guitarist Lily Lazer (aka Linde), drummer Mikka Karppinen (aka Gas Lipstick),and keyboardist Zoltan Pluto. Pluto was later replaced with current keyboardist Emerson Burton. H.I.M. is mainly supported by pro skater Bam Margera. They have had wide success through out Europe. H.I.M. has 6 albums so far. Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666, Razorblade Romance, Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights, Love Metal, and their latest one Dark Light.
H.I.M. is hte greates rock band from Finland.
by RazorbladeKiss810 May 16, 2006
GREATEST finnish band EVER........they rock all socks of and are great performers.....they also know bam margera and are his drinking buddy...and linde laser rocks
God did you see the H.I.M show last night i rocked
by H.I.M December 04, 2005
The finnish rock n' roll band that originated Heartagram (popularized by Bam Margera). there deeply melodic and meloncholy vocal(suplied by Ville Valo) are perfectly off set by a hard rock/metal guitar solos(contributed by Lily Lazer/Linde Lindestorm/Daniel Lioneyeits all one guy, he just has 3 names) and hormonized by amazing perrcusion(Gas) beautiful piano/keyboard(Burton) and bad ass bass(Mige). H.I.M. is short for His Infernal Magesty
H.I.M. is responsable for the songs;
And Love Said No...
Join Me In Death
and Poison Girl
by ZiM XIII July 29, 2005
Definition 1: Most famous movie of all time starring Ini Adelaja, Emily Pechey and Eleanor Sach. Winner of 20 Baftas and all Oscars hereafter etc.
Definition 2: Reference to a male.
10 years time - "why is it that all everyone talks about is 'HIM' and why has it taken over every other empire in the world?" (2019 headline)
by it's HIM. January 30, 2009
Powerpuff Girls' counterpart of Satan. The show hides it by naming it "Him" (Hence, the name) They call the demon "Him" instead of Satan due to children watching it, so they are censoring it, and if they really named it Satan or Lucifer, they will get a strike from parents of the kids who watch it.
It's Him! The creature that is feared by all men.
by DaemMetallion October 01, 2011

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