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HIM is a Finnish band who have created the genre of "Love Metal" to describe their unique sound. Their music is sometimes slow, sometimes heavy, but always melodic and full of heartfelt lyrics. Unfortunatly, HIM has been popularized amoung jackass teenagers by skater Bam "fucking douchebag" Margera, but they are still truely amazing.
HIM is the best band on the face of the earth.
by <3 your pain is not love March 26, 2005
Powerpuff Girls' counterpart of Satan. The show hides it by naming it "Him" (Hence, the name) They call the demon "Him" instead of Satan due to children watching it, so they are censoring it, and if they really named it Satan or Lucifer, they will get a strike from parents of the kids who watch it.
It's Him! The creature that is feared by all men.
by DaemMetallion October 01, 2011
HIM is my favorite band. Ville Valo is quite talented, and Gas, Linde, Mige, and Burton are all respectable as well. Their songs, as repetitive or bad as many of you would say, are meaningful and good. And on the acronym thing; VALO SAID HIM DOES NOT STAND FOR ANYTHING. IT IS NOT HIS INFERNAL MAJESTY OR ANYTHING ELSE!!
Your Sweet Six Six Six
Beyond Redemption
Sigillum Diaboli
The Sacrament

Some of my favorite HIM songs.
by Sephiroth March 03, 2005
A Finnish Metal Band that Rocks!
Not to be confused with the HIM from Chicago that does NOT rock.
Razorblade Romance is a MUST in any respectable Metal collection.
by SFGIRL February 02, 2005
One who you completely fell for; you never saw it coming and you ended up liking this person way more than planned. You two talked and talked almost 24/7. Late night phone calls and the cheesiest conversations were held with this person. Eventually, this person got your hopes up and crushed them. Just. Like. That. Some shit happened between you two and now, you're strangers again. You walk past one another like nothing ever happened. Like you two never even met. You two make awkward eye-contact every now and then. You look at this person thinking that he used to mean the world to you. In fact, he once was your world. Maybe, he might even still mean the world to you. With every glance at him, memories come to mind. You suddenly hear his voice repeating things he once said to you, over and over. Recalling the good times, trying to forget the bad. After reading this, you are probably picturing him in your head, right now.
Its Him.
by 1005 November 01, 2011
A band that is good Finnish rock but often abused by emos and stupid scene kids. HIM doesn't deserve to be degraded by those fags

Me: My god, shut up poser!
by fallenvamphyre July 31, 2008
A Finnish goth metal band with music that is created with soul, inspiration, and devotion. Ville Valo is the hottest man on earth and also the singer/lyricist from HIM. The band with music that can change one's life with its infinite splendor. HIM has emotion, lyrics of feelings and thoughts, of love and hate, death and life, of beauty...
"From lashes to ashes
From lust to dust
In your sweetest torment
I'm lost
And no heaven can help us
Ready, willing, and able
To lose it all
For a kiss so fatal
And so worn..."
by InJoyNSorrow000 July 17, 2004