A band fronted by Ville Valo and popularized among 12 year old girls by Bam Margera.

They sound like a shitty version of Tiamet.
HIM can blow me and then take their Sweet 666 from my revolver.
by Ri January 20, 2005
A Finnish goth metal band with music that is created with soul, inspiration, and devotion. Ville Valo is the hottest man on earth and also the singer/lyricist from HIM. The band with music that can change one's life with its infinite splendor. HIM has emotion, lyrics of feelings and thoughts, of love and hate, death and life, of beauty...
"From lashes to ashes
From lust to dust
In your sweetest torment
I'm lost
And no heaven can help us
Ready, willing, and able
To lose it all
For a kiss so fatal
And so worn..."
by InJoyNSorrow000 July 17, 2004
happy in the moment
My dog is in his HIM.
by hwwm July 13, 2009
yes its him its means a man, boy not a woman
thats it a man a boy thats him lad sir mr ballsack bellend and the rest
by peacho July 10, 2008
Very hot guy. Good looking makes a great boyfriend if you see a him you will go crazy. He is one sexy man. Great dimples too! ;) I love you boyfriend!
Did you see him?

He's hot!
by __aaabbbyy__ February 01, 2014
Bad case of constipation in which you exert so much force trying to defecate that you rupture your anus.Hence you are virgin no more but did not lose it by getting fucked either.You lost your virginity(by getting your ass fucked up) trying to poop.Hence Pooping the Cherry.
Adam had a bad case of constipation and Jamie saw him pooping the cherry .
by samaarrghh January 03, 2014
gorgeous, loving, far away, lucky everyday to be with th him, true love, only hand you need to hold, he has a her, her will always love him *pinky promise*
by I be her February 19, 2010
another word for 'it'
Look at him, its so cute.

Him's so bouncy.
by ilovejeremy. December 09, 2009
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