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"HG" can be used as a term in the makeup world, and stands for "Holy Grail". It basically means that the product being
discussed is someone's absolute favorite, something they swear by, and a perfect find.
This new Maybelline mascara is my HG! I've used plenty of others before it, but this one is the best!
by AikoNoble March 23, 2009
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Horse gum. Exposed gum between someone's lip and teeth, generally revealed during a smile.
Alfonso: She hot
Enrique: Yeah, but she got HG
Alfonso: Nice teeth though
Enright: Nice teeth doesn't exempt you from HG
by Undeitzaustralia August 24, 2016
a hot girl.
a Hot Boy's girl.

spit by B.G. of the Hot Boys, Cash Money Millionaires.
"I cant see no other bitch for the B.G.
But a hot girl fo' sho' call her a H.G. (a hot girl)."

- "I Need a Hot Girl" - Hot Boys - Cash Money Records

by Call me a h.g. February 22, 2008
Acronym for High Grade in reference to marijuana.
Person 1: Yo, I got some HG you wanna Smoke?
Person 2: HG, yeah I'm in.
by Joe Sampson the eleventy billionth December 08, 2007
Hot Girl Syndrome- When a girl, unbeknownst to her hotness, becomes aware due to the mass amounts of guys hitting on her, talking to her, and trying to get with her. said girl then proceeds to feed off the attention and either:
a) string a bunch of guys along to keep her ego inflating, or
b) act like she's way better than any person around her, guys and girls alike.
Yo, check that chick out, I totally want to go talk to her
-Nah man, She's diseased, she's got H.G.S., just look at the way she's walking around, she thinks she owns the place.
Nice catch man, I'm an idiot.
by stylin' January 15, 2011
Highly gifted; having or possessing a demonstrated IQ of 145 or greater.
That kid is totally HG, I saw him playing the piano and reading Dostoyevsky at the same time. And then he murmored something witty to me.
by Daniel Vincent April 17, 2006
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