As good as it gets. Don't knock what you do NOT know. GREAT school with a unique well-driven program. Incredible teachers and wonderful results. I do not speak ill of W-L, Yorktown, or Wakefield .... because I don't know. I only end up defending the best High School (and Jr. High School) in Northern Virginia. ALL schools have problem students (drugs, alcohol, etc.) - the "other" Arlington High Schools are NO different. Lay Off!!!
H-B Woodlawn Program is for the students, by the students, and guided by the teachers. Intelligence knows no bounds and Jealousy run rampant.
by HBW '91 - Proud of my past July 21, 2008
Top Definition
HB Woodlawn is a very good school, and anyone who slanders them is just jealous. You know that you want to go to our school...
"Eat pie and/or die, fools"
by Maethron April 01, 2005
An alternative program, or school, with grades from 6th-12th located in Arlington, VA, that's just better than any local school in the county (we've got written proof). Where kids excel in a independent learning environment, such as going to class is optional, and also includes learning alcohol intake unlike fellow Yorktown High School. Notoriously known as the "hippie" or "pothead" school, but in reality we just know how to party.
Question: Oh so you're from H-B, so do who smoke pot every day?

Answer: No, but I do know how to hold my liquor.
by HB February 19, 2005
H-B Woodlawn Program is an alternative learning enviroment where students are encouraged to take responsibility for their education. Failure to succeed in the Program results in a dismissal from the school. Having spent two years at both Yorktown and H-B, H-B reigns supreme.
"H-B Woodlawn Program were better than you"
by rad888 October 24, 2006
Obviously the person who wrote definition #5 is crazy, because the only "probelms" we have are with YHS KIDS. Why do you think WE have to change EVERY rule about our dances?? its because YOU come to OUR dances and dance like complete WHORES and puke all over the place...AND DONT DO SHIT ABOUT IT. Why wont you people just admit that all your school is are slutty alcoholics. and if you ask me...being a hippie is FAR better then being a rich bitch who get whatever they want cause daddy will buy it for them.....
why dont you all just go fuck yourself up the ass and stop complaining!!!!!!!! we're better then you, GET THE FUCK OVER IT
by Adam April 02, 2005
according to the person who wrote definition #3...."who are the real sluts here?" uhh HELLO, where are your eyes THE ENTIRE TIME YOUR AT SCHOOL? in case you havnet noticed, about 80% of the girls who go to YHS where unbelievably short skirts, and really revealing tank tops....dont be jelous of HB just because we dont have a dress code....and about sex in the gym office...yeah...never happens, so suck it up and just admit HB's better.....we know you know its better, your just too damn cocky to realize it
hmm.....blowjobs in the bathrooms sound familiar???

all the damn time....
by Rachel March 31, 2005
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