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A ghetto school in Arlington, Virginia where half the school is involved in the drug game and the other half have bullet wounds. Not a great place to be.
Principal: Welcome to Yorktown High School!

New Student: Thank you, I can't wait to -

Principal: *Shoots kid*
by JesusFingChrist March 11, 2013
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A stuck up public school located in North Arlington where the girls are ugly and the boys are asses. Yorktown's team is "The Patriots" which is ironic because everyone there acts like a bunch of upper class anarchists. Really everyone here just wishes they studied harder and made it into the most boss school, H-B Woodlawn
Person A: Why's that guy such an asshole?

Person B: He's from Yorktown High School

Person A: Oh, I should have known that
by TheFreshmanOf2016 September 16, 2012
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