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One of the most stuck up schools in Virginia. What the students @ Hb don't understand is that the only reason they go to H-B is because the were randomly selected, not because they are unique or have any outstanding qualities. Once they get to HB the conform to the hippie, laid back standard that is H-B... so they are hypocrites when they call others conformists, because they definately conform, just to a different standard. They pride themseleves on being laid back and not having to go to class if they don't want to, but really they are dumasses who really sound like "yea our school is so awsome because i get ot miss out on my education whenever i feel like pissing my life away or not showing up for class." If you didn't get your names pulled out of that stupid lottery, you would be going to another public high school. You don't even have an athletics program, all you have is a dirt path around a soccer feild! So sit and bitch all you want about other schools, saying their stuck up, but really H-B is the most stuck-up school in Virginia, with a bunch of depressed, unathletic, lazy, unoriginal students.

plus who wants to go to school where depressed sluts cut themselves and are walking STD's?
"Oh so you're from HB? does that mean you are a depressed, hippie, druggie, lazy-ass?"

HBer: "No, but i try and act like one."
by sjdhfasfdg March 06, 2005
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