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The Battle of Yorktown actually occured in 1781, not 1776.
by Nappy J December 11, 2009
place where independence was won in 1776, in VA, 757.
Americans battle the British in Yorktown to win our country's freedom.
by slutbag07 August 15, 2008
A town which was important during the american revolution, but since has done not much except do poorly in sports, especially football and basketball. Most people from there aspire to be good athletes, like people from Mahopac. Yorktown does nothing but trash-talk about its sports programs, but does not back it up, nor do they produce during the sports games.
John:"Dude, that kids from Yorktown!"

Paul:"Yeah he thinks hes good at basketball but he has less hops than a Nagasaki-an boy after World War two..."
by yorktown athelete.... hah February 16, 2011
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