A person who lives in a caravan and steals stuff.
A derogatory term.
Oi you know those gyppos who were in town last week?
They stole our fucking swings. True story.
by PolPottheLittleDictator March 28, 2010
an Irish Travel(derogatory, intended to compare them to gypsies in a negative way)
I am tired of that gyppo bugging me for donations.
by The Return of Light Joker April 12, 2008
ADJ: Someone who rips someone else off. A cheat or thief.
You goddamn Gypo you charging me too much. This is a damn GYP your GYPPING me.
by Daniel Cardona April 11, 2004
independent contractor, especially one who works in the logging industry.
John Doe is a gyppo logger.
by Susan February 28, 2004

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