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what you exclaim when you discover you've leaped in at the most inoppurtune moment....again
*after leaping in to find yourself lying in a coffin, in a castle cellar*

oh boy!

*theme tune kicks in*
by TomD4Eva February 28, 2008
the rock legend that is Meat Loaf
can't beat a bit of the Loaf on a late-night drive home
by TomD4Eva April 30, 2008
a grey ghost of a lady that every primary (at least in my area) had. Usually found in the lads or girls toilets (depending on if you're a lad or a girl). Appears at night or when someone says "grey lady" three times and switches the light off. No primary school kid dared try it and if they did they left before she could appear (apparently). Varying stories of her death and stories of my mates' mate's older brother saw her as a kid.
Boy 1: hey let's make the Grey Lady appear
Boy 2: no! That's just stupid! She'll take her revenge for being jilted at the altar!

(it was common to say she was a vengeful spirit who was jilted by her husband or something similar)
by TomD4Eva August 16, 2006
the effect of a random song playing in your head for no reason, often followed by another song completely unrelated to the first, much like a jukebox on random
Guy 1:Why the hell was Rick Astley just playing in my head? I haven't heard any of his songs for ages! I had Slayer playing before that! Wtf!?

Guy 2: Mental jukebox mate
by TomD4Eva March 05, 2012
a gyppo who now lives in a house
Man 1: he lives in a house? thought he was a gyppo?

Man 2: nah, he sold his caravan and got a house, now he's a gypsum gyppo
by TomD4Eva November 02, 2009
a large, dense turd, named for it's likelihood of knackering your bog and usually caused by the ingestion of spicy Indian food.
Phil: I tell you what mate, I had a banging shit after that curry last night. It nearly cracked the porcelain!

Mike: Bombay Bowl-Buster was it?
by TomD4Eva May 20, 2008
a pie in a barm
simple as
used in Wigan and surrounding area
man in chippy: do us a slappy, will ya?
by TomD4Eva October 25, 2007

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