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The long stretch between your stankin asshole and your sweaty balls.
i have no brillo pad so will you use your tounge to cleanse my gutch?
A male of Dutch origin (or anyone with a slightly odd accent) who is excessively camp, but not gay. Enjoys wearing tight t-shirts, likely open to experimenting with other men, and usually found with a cheeky grin on his face.
Person A: I'm so confused by Matt's behavior. I can't barely understand what he's saying through his slight lisp, and he keeps winking at me.

Person: Total Gutch out, man!
by jiangwei June 22, 2012
An adoring term used to describe a person often characterized as being slightly oblivious, often surly, and random as hell.
"I love you so much I'd take it up the ass."
"You're such a Gutch."
by Lawrence Olivia October 22, 2008

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