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Any member of the Church family.

(Numerous exceptions include Charlotte Church and the Roman Catholic Church).

Many have a tendency to say "Gah" a lot.
Gah! It's Gurch!
by Bob Gurch May 25, 2004
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Gurch replaces any word in a given sentence
You are a filthy GURCH, I am going to GURCH all over your face
by Shlither November 23, 2013
An exclamation, typically of frustration. It can be used in many contexts to express a multitude of emotions. Similar to GAH, BAH BAH BLACK SHEEP, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Teacher: 'the essay is due tomorrow'
student: 'oh gurch, i really don't have time for this tonight!'
by hitherepenina November 13, 2013
The man iv always loved and always will love
I had an amazing boyfriend called Gurch
by Ria November 07, 2004

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