1.a one word statement meaning "you're just a little bacon head"

2.also an adjective for a fricky cat. seefricky
1."Josh, you're a little gupple!"

2."Shadow Gee is being a gupple, I'd stay away from her if I were you."
by Samiches December 03, 2006
Top Definition
The act of smuggling guppies before they have been completely wained from their mother. Usually pertaining to situations including, but not limited to, mildly illegal activities.
- I gupple for a living.

- I am a professional guppler.

- Want to gupple those clown fish tonight?

- Yo John, when ya plannin of guppling Mr. Ong's latest batch?

Jimmy: I sell fish for cheap.

Mr. Wong: You're just a dumb guppler!
by Sutfol Leumas September 20, 2013
Shorthand for "Gimpy Couple". A romantic couple with a high combined "geek" factor. They tend to stay indoors and have few friends. To qualify for Gupple status, the couple must be fairly cute, but not too pitiful.
Dick is a hacker nerd and Jane is a gamer chick, they make a cute Gupple as they drink Bawls at the Anime convention. They brush each other's braces afterwards.
by Kermit_da_frog October 29, 2010
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